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He who claims to know all is a fool, for his learning has ceased. he who knows nothing and knows he knows nothing is the enlightened one, for his wisdom will be great.

Shihan Dan Lewis                     Shihan Gavin Mulholland
                            Shihan Roger Sheldon
                            Chairman OMAA
                               Shihan Rick Woodhams
Dan      Me      Gav

Mike Lambert
Dave Arnold
Alan Vokes
Peter Swallow
Kevin Buxey

Shihan Buxey started his martial arts training with Shihan Kim Roberts back in the 70's, he has obtained all grades up to Sandan under guidance of Shihan Roberts who was his Chief Instructor up until 1993. Sensei Buxey then 1995 achieved Yondan and on September 2003 attended an examination and was awarded Godan from the Okinawan Martial Arts Association under Shihan Rick Woodhams ( Chairman Of The Okinawan Martial Arts Association ). Sensei Buxey has been awarded Rokudan from the O.M.A.A. Chairman Shihan Roger Sheldon, Shihan Sheldon explained that these grades were awarded for bringing new skills and learning into the association and promoting Goju Ryu and karate in general to the wider public. congratulations from all at Eastpoint Goju-Ryu Karate Club on your recent award of Nanadan ( 7th Dan )
Shihan Buxey has spent his martial arts career studying the art of Goju-Ryu he has also studied M.F.S. (Modern Fighting System) obtaining Nidan with Shihan Kim Roberts & Sensei Dave Arnold he has regular contact with Shihan Roger Sheldon ( Chairman OMAA)  & Shihan Rick Woodhams former (Okinawan Martial Arts Association & International Okinawan Bugeikai) and with Shihan Gavin Mulholland of Daigaku Karate Club (London) and Shihan Dan Lewis ( Bristol DKK ) another exposé of Goju-Ryu whom he had trained with for a number of years, and still trains with on occasion and with whom he has competed with and against on many occasions in places like Luton, Chester, Wrexham, Liverpool, Isle of Wight, He also got invited to fight with the Scottish Shotokan squad under the International Bukonkai Karate Association with the late Sensei Colin Williams. he also spent time with the alcohol awareness team, and the
vulnerable persons team helping to alleviate bullying by teaching after school clubs for Hampshire Council.

Peter Taylor
5th Dan

Sensei Taylor started his training back in the 70's with Sensei Kim Roberts after reaching 3rd kyu left for personal reasons but returned a few years later and was regraded 7th kyu he then continued his training again under Sensei Roberts, before Sensei Roberts departure Sensei Taylor achieved the rank of Nidan, he then continued to train with Sensei Buxey, he was awarded Sandan in 1998 under Sensei Buxey and the Okinawan Martial Arts Association
I have now gained my 4th Dan grade under the guidance of Shihan Buxey & Shihan Rick Woodhams former chairman of the OMAA, it was an arduous journey, with a great learning curve. Peter has now achieved 5th Dan status April 15

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